Are You Ready To
Control The heat?

Collect Points and Deliver Your Best to Beat The Competition

Featuring different levels with increasing difficulty, your goal is to make your way to the finish line. Many enraging obstacles will come your way and it’s up to you to avoid them all and come out on top! Remember to collect the coins, as the more points you gather, the better prizes you can redeem.

Control The Heat To Deliver Your Best Now.

Control The Heat
Control The Heat

Stay Cool With Cool-Coinz

The more Cool-Coinz you collect, the more you can get in return! All these Cool-Coinz will bring you one step closer to opening more boxes, NFTs, PETRONAS Merchandises, and many more!

Play the game and collect all your Cool-Coinz now!

Beware of the Obstacles

Have you seen the branches, potholes, barriers, and broken down cars?

Master the hand-eye coordination skill and avoid the dangerous hurdles on the road. As the many annoying obstacles will be passing by, you’ll need control the heat to avoid these barriers, while collecting the Cool-Coinz to earn in-game points.

Move fast and master the track to stay ahead of the competition!

Control The Heat
Control The Heat

Boost For More Loot

These PETRONAS Syntium are important for your car to cool your engines, make sure that you collect these bottles along the way and press on your CoolTech™ button, to maximise the efficiency of your car and allow it to have the best performance to Deliver Your Best! The more you collect, the better you’ll be at controlling the heat!

Boost ahead and come out a victor in the game today!

5 Levels To Master

There will be a total of 5 levels, with increasing levels of difficulties and infuriating obstacles, for you to master. Beat the challenging levels to gather more points.

Collect PETRONAS Syntium, avoid these obstacles, and earn the points to redeem exclusive prizes, such as: boxes, NFTs, PETRONAS merchandises, and many more!

It’s time to Control The Heat To Deliver Your Best today!
Control The Heat
Control The Heat

Types of Treasure Boxes

There is a range of Treasure Boxes to be collected and each of them provides various rewards.

Exclusive Box

This Exclusive Box is specially given through events and PETRONAS Syntium’s workshops, retailers, and Facebook Page. Stand to win an exclusive F1 Merchandise, NFT or in-game points.

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Silver Box

This Silver Box is made easy for newcomers of the game. The first 10 boxes are made easy for players to redeem, for a higher chance to win more prizes.

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Gold Box

This Gold Box can be collected after completing your first 10 Silver Boxes with every 3,000 accumulated points. It contains amazing points and NFTs for you to use to redeem amazing prizes.

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Premium Box

The premium box gives you the highest chance to obtain NFT and F1 Merchandises. You can get one of these box by buying a PETRONAS Syntium.

Control The Heat Control The Heat